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Take Part in the Founding Play Sessions: Influence SEED’s Tomorrow

Join Seed Industries in our Play Session deployments across the dynamic world of Avesta. Each new deployment of Seedlings is an opportunity to brighten our collective future, and every step taken is a stride toward limitless possibilities.

Together, we'll lay down the roots for what’s to come, building communities in unihavens that epitomize innovation and shared success. Your participation in these Play Sessions is crucial—your decisions and feedback will be the cornerstone of Avesta's chronicles.

Your unique perspective will help shape SEED's evolving universe. Be a part of the vanguard shaping a civilization where every Seedling contributes to Avesta’s collective flourishing.

We at Seed Industries are excited to see how your contributions will play a part in Avesta's ongoing story. Join us, and let’s turn SEED's potential into our shared reality.



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