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What is SEED?

Fueled by creation, cooperation and genuine emotion SEED is an experience that reinvents what it means to collaborate online - simulating the future of humanity.

At the end of the 21st century, humanity left Earth to find a new home. The planet Avesta in the Tau Ceti system was chosen for its many similarities to Earth. On this new lush planet, deployments of Seedlings are sent to the surface to be nurtured and guided in order to live out their best lives, ensuring a newly evolved, emergent humanity succeeds and flourishes.

On Avesta you will guide your Seedlings through this world full of other players’ Seedlings. From small social encounters to large-scale production, the world of SEED is deep and limitless - and full of life.


SEED Industries believes in creating the next step in human evolution. We at SEED Industries consistently push the frontiers of Avestan technology, ensuring unparalleled excellence in the stewardship of our shared future.




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